The Wonder 500™は、クールジャパン政策のもと“世界にまだ知られていない、日本が誇るべきすぐれた地方産品”を発掘し海外に広く伝えていくプロジェクトです。



ここに掲載する500商材の全てに、日本人が古来より育んできた価値観が表現されています。私たちはこの価値観が海外の方々にも伝わるよう『THE WONDER 500 STORYBOOK』としてまとめました。


The Wonder 500 project is a regionally-driven Cool Japan project designed to discover “local products that are the pride and joy of Japan but not yet known outside of Japan,” and then promote them around the world.

A total of 500 products from all 47 Japanese prefectures were selected by 30 expert producers and public voting.

The selections were evaluated in the three categories of Tourism, Craftsmanship, and Food, based on the following criterion: Innovative items created with a certain concept or passion, combined with traditional values supporting unique Japanese craftsmanship and good service.

Each and every one of these 500 items express the values nurtured in the Japanese since ancient times (impermanence and permanence, respect for nature and one’s ancestors, craftsmanship, concept, excellent design, wisdom, etc.).

Through the 500 items, we hope to communicate warmth and wonder, and if it inspires even one person to visit Japan, to buy a Japanese product, or eat some Japanese food, we will have accomplished our goal.

The Wonder 500™ Certified Product Details



秀久 剪定鋏 BB200-Y


HIDEHISA  Sentei Basami BB200Y (Japanese-style pruning shears)

The tatara steel manufacturing method is a process unique to Japan that has a history of over a thousand years. Not only the blades, but also the handle of the BB200-Y Pruning Shears are crafted using excellent cutlery steel, which is forged using that process. Hidehisa steel from Sanjo, premium steel from Japan, embodies the sensibility and techniques cultivated for over a century. Skilled craftsmen polish the blades to produce a consistent, light and smooth friction between the blades when opened and closed. The wide, rounded handles are crafted in anticipation of the force used when cutting thick branches. They are ergonomically designed so that the strength of the palm can be efficiently communicated to the blade tip. The sharpness lasts to reduce fatigue even when cutting for long periods. Once experienced, no other shears will do.